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An arc can refer to a series of continuous events. A progression of change — tectonic, imperceptible, and everything in between. Many cite the arc of history to stress how certain moments shaped the world’s populations and principles.

About Us Arc

We take our name from a word that’s full of meaning despite its slight form.

At The Arc, we believe India’s ever-expanding digital economy is at a critical point in time.  Our purpose is to inquire.   And follow every bend in the story of the most influential technology companies in the country.

We report on and decipher essential developments involving these businesses every day. We identify their direction through accurate company data, our original and unbiased understanding of the tech ecosystem, and trusted insider voices.

This hyper-focus on tech players is driven by two indisputable realities. One, they are at the centre of the new economy. Two, investors, competitors, and a growing base of people outside the ecosystem want to know how these organisations function.

Making sense of this world without the right facts and tools is difficult.

Startup founders, CXOs, and employees, all with important decisions to make, trust The Arc.

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The Arc’s storytelling and formats are designed to work for you. Sharp, packed with facts, and free.  In a way, our name also represents the journey of knowledge we take with you.

The coverage is driven by a top-notch team of journalists. They have worked at foremost media organisations such as The Economic Times and Reuters.

The Arc delivers industry-leading intelligence so that everyone has a better idea of how things are changing with tech.


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Harsh Vora

Founding Member

Insights into influential technology companies

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Copyright 2023 @100 Feet Road Ventures Pvt Ltd

Copyright 2023 @100 Feet Road Ventures Pvt Ltd