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Code of Conduct

The Arc empowers readers to make informed decisions on tech companies.

About Us Arc


Our primary focus is to share comprehensive, analytical, and insightful information about India’s leading tech businesses. We are objective and data-driven.

Facts & Opinion

We provide analysis and opinion on news developments alongside factual reporting. This is intended to help readers gain a deeper understanding of the issues in hand. By clearly distinguishing between facts and analysis, we ensure they form their own view.


We value your time. Our writing is concise — we cover only what matters.


To ensure the credibility of our journalism, we double-check the information sourced from reputable media organisations and add proper attribution.


We are dedicated to following the highest standards of ethical journalism and being fair. This includes (i) taking responsibility for our work, (ii) acknowledging mistakes and correcting them and (iii) giving people, companies, and other parties adequate time to respond to questions, criticisms or allegations before publication.

Addressing Conflicts

Our editorial team operates independently; businesses have zero influence on its decisions. In cases where writing a story involves a potential conflict of interest, we disclose the same to maintain complete transparency.

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Copyright 2023 @100 Feet Road Ventures Pvt Ltd

Copyright 2023 @100 Feet Road Ventures Pvt Ltd